April Social Media Update

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Happy April! Get ready for the month to come by recapping the biggest changes in social from the last few weeks. There were small but mighty updates to several networks that will impact how digital marketers do their job. Here’s what you need to know.

Instagram Changing Its Newsfeed

By far the biggest social media news of the month comes from Instagram, which suffered steep drops in engagement and user sign-ups in the last few months. The company announced that the Instagram newsfeed, once ordered chronologically, would now be ordered according to an algorithm, similar to how its parent company Facebook orders stories in their newsfeed. Though the changes will be rolling out over the next few months, this is clearly a blow to any brand that has built a strong presence on Instagram solely by posting on the free service without clear strategy or advertising budget. The obvious reason for the change is to make it easier for brands to pay for privileged sponsored spots at the top of the Instagram newsfeeds. Users are revolting, however, and it is unclear when these changes will fully take place. Stay tuned and in the meantime, up your engagement strategy game.

Coming Soon to Instagram: 60 Second Videos

Once limited to 30 seconds, Instagram will soon be allowing minute-long videos to be added to the service..

Instagram Notifications Come to Desktop Website

The Instagram website also received an overhaul in March. Rather than simply displaying photos, it now allows users to login and see notifications pop up similarly to how they do on the app.

Pinterest Introduces How-To Pins

Pinterest has given some brands access to new How-To Pins. Instead of linking out to a website that contains instructions for a recipe or project, the steps will be given within the Pin itself, encouraging more users to stay within the service.

Snapchat Introduces Chat 2.0

SnapChat has received its first major upgrade in what they are calling “Snapchat 2.0”. The new features allow people to essentially use the service as a messenger service, sending snippets of songs, audio, stickers, photos or even plain text. Watch out mobile carriers. SnapChat’s coming after after your bottom line.

Twitter Turns 10

The struggling social media service celebrated 10 years this past month, prompting many think pieces about the future of the service and how the company might someday turn a profit. Some still think it’s unfixable but others have hope.

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