Chatbots, ProFinder and Talkshow – Social Media Updates

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Change on social media platforms has become less of a surprise and more of a constant. So here is the low-down of what changed in the past month:

Chatbots Take Over Facebook Messenger
All social marketers have noticed a dip in their engagement because of the new Facebook algorithms. So perhaps Chatbots are intended to atone for past grievances. Facebook Messenger Chatbots allow businesses to automate interactions with customers. This can include making a restaurant reservation, offering customer support, delivering new content, and even providing fashion advice. Chatbots are completely revolutionizing the way brands interact with followers and redefine how businesses sell.
Chatbots are still in development so, for now, they remain more bot and less chat.

Video Rules All. Instagram Embracing Video Popularity.

Instagram revealed that they plan to add video channels to the ‘Explore’ section, paving the way for video-centric insta’s and adding another medium to broadcast live events (a la Snapchat). A small change but one that could benefit social businesses: “Explore still works the same way: It connects you to posts about your interests from people you don’t follow yet,” notes the company’s blog.

Instagram- B&W?
Word on the street is Instagram is testing a new black and white UI, a stark contrast from their branded blue interface. A simple, flat, B&W design might just highlight what Instagram is really known for—great imagery.

Twitter Dynamics
Twitter recently revealed you can opt out of their new algorithmic timeline for those who fancy chronology.

Twitter is also now categorizing itself as a “News” app instead of a “Social Networking” app on the iOS App Store. This will likely give Twitter increased visibility and downloads, a small step to address an increasing concern about Twitter’s future. Could this be the first in a series of much needed change?

LinkedIn’s Newest Addition: ProFinder
LinkedIn recently (and quietly) launched its new “ProFinder” service, and it’s quickly gaining momentum. Modeled after popular “freelancer-for-hire” sites such as Fiverr and Upwork, LinkedIn’s ProFinder matches customers looking for a specific type of product or service with a qualified professional. LinkedIn is able to quickly and easily show you the best prospects for a freelance project or ongoing service you need based on keywords, categories, or search terms. It’s a brilliant business move–one that opens up another new line of potential revenue for LinkedIn, while adding even more value for users.

New Social Platform: Talkshow?
“It’s like texting in public.” This social platform lets you host message-based “Talkshows”, where the host discusses a topic like Tacos and anyone can chime in with reactions, GIFs, or co-host the Taco Talkshow. The platform is still sorting out beginner-kinks, so we will have to see if Talkshow will be added to our list of go-to social medias. Have you given it a whirl?

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