Exploring Foresight with Visionaries

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“Foresight, I believe, is realizing that if you are indeed a leader, people will be talking behind your back…because clearly you are going somewhere,” summarized Marshall Jones, spoken word poet.

With visions of the future, business leaders, thought leaders, and innovation leaders from across the globe gathered at the Kellogg School of Management’s new Global Hub to share their missions and change our world. This year’s KIN Global theme was Foresight, posing such questions as where will we go? What will we create? Why will we do it? Robert Wolcott, creator of KIN Global, framed foresight in two parts: rationality and intuition. Over the course of three days, we explored the meaning and impact of foresight through these lenses.

For the second year in a row, IDM Brand was honored to propagate their awe-inspiring message through social media and expand the conversation past event walls.

When I say awe-inspiring, I mean it in every sense of the word – these single individuals take on the entire world with the hope to enact change for the better, even if just for one person.
Jake Harriman of Nuru International realized the depth of the war on terror when he lived the violence first hand as a Marine commander in Iraq. This spurred him to start Nuru International, a social venture that combats violent extremists by empowering the most vulnerable rural areas who had no other choice but to aid the terrorists. “I live in a world of choices. Where I want my kids to grow up, what I want them to eat for breakfast. What were this man’s choices when he woke up this morning? He had nothing.”
He enables these vulnerable regions by raising them out of poverty and providing alternative options for these families.

Not only do these entrepreneurs make it their mission to heal the world, but they lead with incredible vision. Industry change makers and disrupters like Howard Tullman of 1871 Chicago, the hub of Chicago’s digital startup community, advance the innovation landscape and entrepreneurial ecosystem through the axiom, “Think revolutionary. Not evolutionary.”

One of the most inspiring quotes came from Ira Ehrenpreis of DBL Partners, a venture capitalist firm investing in such companies as Tesla and Pandora, “It’s not about where investors think the world is going, it’s about where the entrepreneurs think it’s going.”

KIN Global certainly has a pulse on the entrepreneurial world, inviting such startup thinkers as Shrada Agarwal and Rishi Shah, Co-Founders of Outcome Health, recently evaluated at 4.5B, Nely Galán, Entrepreneur, Founder of The Adelante Movement and Former President Telemundo, Jens Molbak, founder of Win Win, a company providing significant social and financial benefits by collaborating between the private sector, NGOs and the government, and Ziv Marom and Kundal Sood of ZMinteractive, reimagining drone capabilities to do more good in the world. Our team also introduced Social Kiwi at the event, a new platform to bring all the content from KIN Global into one simple, unified interface and enable Twitter interactions in real time. Social Kiwi transcended conference exchanges to become a multi-dimensional synergy, allowing discussions to fluidly move between the digital domain and real world.

Just as the team from ZMinteractive questioned and reframed drones from taking lives to saving lives, Zan Boag of The New Philosopher questioned the grander scale, “Stop and think not if we can do, but if we should do.” With a new era of innovation and thought leaders coming to the forefront, we all paused to consider the foresight of his words. What’s the deeper meaning of our present actions and future goals?

KIN Global inspired deeper meaning, deeper connections, and beautiful visions of a new world supported and nurtured by the intelligent, generous, forward-thinking attendees of KIN Global. To say this was a life changing experience is an understatement, but words can’t describe the magic of the three-day event. KIN Global is the pinnacle playground for entrepreneurs from all industries to engage with one another, cross-connect, and make change.

With such consequential, powerful conversations at the event, I’ve never been more proud to magnify a conversation through a simple platform such as Twitter. Though, reaching an audience of over 100,000 people, perhaps the simplest messengers carry the most powerful messages.

To experience KIN Global yourself, visit the KIN Global YouTube or follow along via Facebook and Twitter for the most up-to-date discussions.

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