Insights From Social Media Marketing World 2017

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Last month, one of our own (me, Lizzie!) had a chance to explore a world of social media, aptly named Social Media Marketing World (or #SMMW17 to those hashtag savvy readers). This San Diego event is the world’s largest social media marketing conference and caters to those who regularly hashtag (#always), know all the newest Snapchat filters of the day, and delight in the next big ‘thing’ in social media.

Let me tell you, SMMW17 did not disappoint and I’m here to share my learned wisdom with you!

So what’s the newest research, the newest gadgets, the newest trends? Cut to the chase, Lizzie! To start, video dominates social media and will continue to rule the social landscape. From Instagram Stories to Facebook Live to live-streaming 360, live video and short-form videos are King. In fact, Instagram Stories is one of the fastest growing video sharing platforms with over 600 million Instagram users and 150 million watching Instagram Stories… and growing!

Bots and AI were the next hot topics circulating the conference rooms.
[Bot]: I can create and build customer relationships!
How? Take for example Zootopia’s Judy the Rabbit bot. She was created to promote the movie and partnered with kids who installed her to solve cases. Over 10 million kids used Judy, further enhancing their relationship with the Zootopia movie.
[Bot]: I can also make your job easier!
Take it from me, if you’re in marketing or sales, install GrowthBot on Facebook Messenger or Slack. GrowthBot does all the heavy lifting of investigating competitors and optimizing your website, just to name a few of this bot’s skills.
On a larger scale, a bot is just another form of artificial intelligence. AI as a whole can understand emotions and sentiment digitally while also providing an opportunity to personalize each message.

Finally, my big take-away from Social Media Marketing World…(drum roll please): rethink the definition of content. From Messenger and Bots to listicles to short-form video and how-to videos, as marketers we need to expand our concept of content and create new ways to engage. There is so much opportunity to creatively engage that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to what’s already been done or the tried and true course. Get creative! Think outside the box.

I’ll see you on social!

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