Instagram Logo Refresh, Video Domination & Twitter Beyond 140

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More emphasis on video, Instagram’s logo craze, and Twitter expanding past 140 characters, all in this months Social Media Roundup:

Past 140 Characters
Let’s start with the topic everyone is talking about: Twitter has announced a coming change to their infamous character limit restriction. Every social media marketer can breathe a small sigh of relief given the extra flexibility. Under the new rules, photos, videos, polls and quoted tweets will not count towards the precious character count, still steady at 140. We will take what we can get.

The New Face of Instagram
You either love or hate the newly redesigned Instagram logo, now a colorful concoction decorating your app collection. Opposite the vibrant logo, the app UI transitioned into a simple black & white interface – the rumor mill correctly guessed that one!

Instagram for Marketers
A little late to the game, but no worse for wear, Instagram is becoming more brand-friendly! Hip hip hooray! Instagram will soon introduce follower demographics, individual post and broad-scope analytics, conversion stats, and mobile ad-buys, opening the door for brands and marketers.

Scoping out Periscope
Periscope, for those unfamiliar, is a live video platform affording viewers the chance to see the world from someone else’s eyes. In a recently added feature, users can now save periscope broadcasts – previously, videos disappeared after 24 hours. So what does this mean for brands and marketers? No longer is all your hard work lost after 24 hours, making Periscope a more viable marketing platform.

Facebook Imagery Updates
Flat photos are so 2015. Facebook now caters to 360-degree photos and videos, making the experience a lot more immersive in your newsfeed!
A subtler update, located under the Apps sidebar header, is Facebook’s Live Video Map. Aptly named, the update is a map of all live videos broadcast at that moment represented by dots – the bigger the dot, the more popular the video. This map is a clever visualization tool for Facebook Live, and another contribution to the video-centric future.

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