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To celebrate National Social Media Day, #SMDay, we are releasing our social media roundup today. Find out whose algorithms changed, what’s been updated, and who acquired who – the norm in the social media marketing world.

Facebook’s Focus On Visuals
IDM is most excited by the new Facebook 360 “tilt view” unveil. When an image is posted, users can tilt their phones, recreating the whole space in 360! Our favorite: living out the dream of being a rockstar. Facebook is seriously focused on imagery these days. Users can also comment with a video or create a slideshow from recent images! Visuals rule all.

Twitter Analytics
This month, Twitter released two analytics platforms, possibly in the hopes of garnering more activity on the platform. The first, Twitter Dashboard, allows you to schedule, offers tips on what to tweet next, and reviews customer chatter. We tried Twitter Dashboard but still favor good ol’ Twitter Analytics. The second analytics platform is for power users, celebrities and the like, to interact with their wide fan base. While both show promise, we are waiting for more advanced analytics capabilities.

Algorithm Fun! Everyone’s Favorite Change
No surprise, everyone’s algorithm has changed. Instagram now prioritizes the best posts, Facebook puts friends above publishers, and even Reddit changed their algorithm to include more diverse posts. Publishers, stay on your toes!

For the Advertisers
Pinterest now allows advertisers to track visitors from their website to Pinterest to better target advertisements across the social media platform. Also introduced, “lookalike targeting” to reach users similar to the brand’s existing audience. You may have also noticed Snapchat’s new Discover bar, promoting images with headlines instead of just logos.

On a last note, the forgotten platform, Google+ turns 5 years old today. How it lasted 5 years is a mystery.

Happy #SMDay, see you next month!

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