Social Media Roundup: RIP Vine, We Hardly Knew Ye

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Welcome to the November Social Media Roundup, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year, we’re thankful for our clients, coworkers, and for this vine. In this month’s roundup, we talk Vine, new Instagram updates, and Peter Thiel’s first step towards living forever.


Vine, once the most popular download in the App Store, is being shut down by its parent company Twitter. Since the short-looping video app launched four years ago, competition from other platforms like Snapchat made it difficult for Vine to continue differentiating itself in the field. Twitter—which is suffering its own financial woes lately—is allowing users to download their existing vines and will keep the website live indefinitely.

Gram It and Tag It

Instagram is keeping things interesting with a few changes in its next big update, including a new feature allowing people to be tagged in Stories and Boomerang video. The new tagging system will allow users to link to another account when the username is tapped, similar to standard Instagram photos.

More Americans Commented on Election than Actually Voted

Social media is a major force in everyday life, and the election is not an exception. This year, more people interacted with the election online than went to their polling station. 8.8 billion likes were generated by 128 million Americans this election season, compared to 126.8 million total votes. If you want more people to vote, just put the election on Facebook.

Trending: The Mannequin Challenge

The latest in viral video trends is the Mannequin Challenge, in which a group of people freeze in an action pose throughout the video (think of the frozen-in-time shots from The Matrix). As with all internet fads, what was once the fodder of hip young teens and professional athletes has been appropriated by Politicians, Brands, and embarrassing uncles everywhere.

Want to Live Longer? Make More Facebook Friends

Peter Thiel is famously interested in anti-aging tech, but it his investment in Facebook may finally unlock the key to longevity. An article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claims people with more social media connections have a lower mortality rate. Oddly enough, it only applies to people accepting friends, not requesting them. The study looks at 12 million people born between 1945 and 1989 and still isn’t fully conclusive, but researchers think a large online social network correlates to a large, enriching network in real life.

You Can Try Out Snap Spectacles, If You Act Fast

Snapchat parent company Snap is officially in the hardware business. Their new product, Spectacles, are camera-equipped sunglasses with the capability to record 10 second videos for your snapchat account. Spectacles are getting rave reviews, but good luck finding them. They are currently only available at pop-up vending machines for $129, and when the machines do show up they are quickly selling out.

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A Brave New World: Facebook Zero

A Brave New World: Facebook Zero

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