Thank You & Happy Holidays!

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From everyone at IDM, we would like to extend our best wishes as you prepare for 2017. We hope 2016 was good to your brand, and we look forward to learning about your big vision for next year.

As you plan, we would love to share with you how IDM can help your brand win in the new year.

There are changes in digital marketing every day. The new era requires marketing professionals to be forward thinking and to embrace future trends. It’s critical to bridge the gap between technology and marketing.

We’ll help you to focus on marketing ROI to solve problems—and create opportunities—by providing valuable insights and crafting consistent and compelling communications with your best customers.

We’ll create effective customer journeys by connecting all areas of your digital marketing and making marketing automation work for your brand.

We’ll reinvigorate your social media presence: connect social media efforts to your business objectives; simplify your social media strategy to ensure it drives engagement; proactively listen to your audience; establish KPIs; and measure social media impact on your business.

We’ll help you pay attention to social selling, as this tool will provide your team with an ability to create compelling content and relevant connections. Read our VP of Strategy Larry Minsky’s recent article on the subject, How B2B Sales Can Benefit from Social Selling, here.

We’ll introduce you to Social Kiwi, the cloud-based program we developed to collect and display your social media and user-generated content in one place—on your website, your blog, on screen and more—all to create greater engagement with your audience.

We’ll help you aim beyond your expectations, surprising and delighting your customers to keep them perpetually infatuated and increase ROI, using strategy outlined in Larry’s new book The Activation Imperative. You can connect with us at 855-79BRAND or to set up a meeting or workshop to inspire your marketing and sales teams and learn how to activate your best customers.

Our team would love to hear from you and learn more about the challenges you are tackling in 2017. Please let us know how we can help you enrich your brand story, deliver your message and help you innovate.

Best wishes,
IDM Team

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Exploring Foresight with Visionaries

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