Weekly Social Media Round-Up

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Our weekly round-up of the new developments and innovations in social media.

Social Media Lessons from Red Bull & Go-Pro

“When people over time experience a real story — something big, something believable, something exciting — they become attached to it and care to learn more. This is media companies’ strong suit. Brands need to monitor them, get inspired by them and act like them. And social media has given them a bigger platform than ever to do this.” [via Mashable]

Impact: Unless they enjoy dumping buckets of money into promoting posts, Tweets and pins, brands need a solid content strategy that’s authentic, relevant and meticulously planned out.

Twitter Expands Beyond 140 Characters

“If Twitter sticks with 140 characters, it could lose out on certain brand dollars as more social investment is directed toward these long-form platforms to create meaningful content for consumers. By opening up to long-form content, Twitter could provide a valuable real-time approach to content that other existing long-form platforms don’t offer.” [via Ad Age]

Impact: Is unedited, off-the-cuff long-form content really what the Internet needs?

Twitter Introduces Brand Hub Analytics

“Many initiatives from Twitter and Facebook have focused on tracking whether the ads drive sales and conversations. The Brand Hub, on the other hand, presents more traditional brand advertising metrics. It also places a big emphasis on impressions, not just tweets or engagements, which could help Twitter remind advertisers that a single tweet can have a big impact if it’s seen by enough people.” [via TechCrunch]

Free or Inexpensive Stock Photo Sites

A few sites offering quality stock photos for use on blogs and social media. A great resource as lifting images can get your clients sued. Via Social Media Today.

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