PearlEscence - Marketing Agency Client

Pearl Essence: New Product Introduction


From subdued to dramatic, rustic to refined, naturally warm to elegantly cool, Premium Wood Prints helps designers create the perfect mood for any commercial interiors.

In 2015, the company introduced 10 new on-trend colors to their Pearlesence line. As Lamin-Art’s acting marketing department, IDM was responsible for introducing the new additions to the A+D industry, emphasizing their suitability for use in commercial application and continuing to establish Lamin-Art as producer of the highest quality surface material on the market today.


The surface material industry is large, with many competitors offering products of a lower grade than those found in the Pearlesence line. Although Lamin-Art enjoys high name recognition within the A+D industry, our challenge was to craft a concise message that would effectively communicate the superior quality of Lamin-Art’s products as well as emphasize the versatility and richness of the new color additions and their application in commercial projects.

PearlEscence - Marketing Agency Client
PearlEscence - Marketing Agency Client


Starting with competitive research and insight into industry trends, we focused on Lamin-Art’s exclusive 4-stage printing process and pioneering addition of innovative metallic and pearlized inks to solid colored paper as key points in crafting an effective message surrounding the new Pearlesence colors. Using Lamin-Art’s social media to test our message and imagery, IDM refined the data into one consistent message suitable for use in both print and web formats: The Brilliance of Iridescence

Our integrated strategy encompassed all aspects of the launch including creative direction and execution of all print and digital advertising, the design of direct mail brochures, and creation of sales training manual and sampling tools. We also took the lead in crafting a comprehensive and integrated social media and PR strategy for maximum reach across all channels.


With a compelling message backed by solid research and data, IDM successfully introduced the new Pearlesence color additions to the A+D industry and increased brand recognition for Lamin-Art as producer of the highest quality surface material available today.

PearlEscence - Marketing Agency Client

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