2015 in Social Media Wrap-Up

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2015 has come to a close and so have our weekly social media round-ups for the year. Here are our 2015 highlights in social culled from our past round-ups: what we saw, what we read and what we’re looking forward to in the year to come. We’ll see you in 2016!

Instagram Takes Over

2015 was the year Instagram really came into its own as a social network. When Facebook purchased the popular photo-sharing app in 2012, it was only a matter of time before in-app advertising started to popping up. Wisely, Facebook held off on throttling Instagram’s huge user base for a while; but now, the fastest growing social network is set to get profitable by giving companies the tools needed to design ads that feel, look and work like native content—the new holy grail of online marketing. With Instagram advertising having just been opened to up to all businesses, look for this platform to dominate advertising in 2016. [More]

Facebook Introducing Emoji Reactions

Probably the most exciting news of the year and they’ve not even been released in the United States yet! After many years of people requesting something more than a simple “Like” for a Facebook post, the network is introducing animated emojis that will allow people to react to posts with a more nuanced set of emotions. For marketers, this means a whole new way of gauging the effectiveness and response to Facebook advertising campaigns. We can’t wait to see them in action. [More]

Yes, there is a War on Advertising

From Apple damming up Google’s revenue stream by introducing ad-blocking software on the iPhone to South Park skewering sponsored content (“Does she know she’s an ad?“), everyone was talking about online advertising in 2015. AdAge published one of the more thoughtful pieces on the trend, offering up examples of where, exactly, online advertising went wrong and how it might be fixed in the future. [More]

Facebook Introduces Instant Articles

In an effort to keep users on their site and only on their site, Facebook introduced a new way for content creators to publish their articles directly to the network, meaning that one need not leave the Facebook app to enjoy the latest cover story from the New York Times. This move is indicative of a wider trend in social media wherein networks take active steps to prevent users from leaving their sites to read linked articles, essentially presenting themselves as the content hub of choice for their user base. Look for this trend to continue at a faster clip in 2016. [More]

Pinterest Finally Shares Its Size

And it’s a doozy! According to Pinterest, their network has over 100 million monthly active users and it’s still growing. Forecasters predict this information was released in advance of a public offering, giving investors a reason to take an interest in Pinterest, which has been very cagey about releasing any data about its metrics. More importantly, Pinterest also reports that 70% of visitors to the site are not simply browsing pretty images, they’re taking action, whether it be through re-pinning or clicking through. While Facebook, Google and Apple publicly squabble over eyeballs and ad dollars, we’re keeping an eye on Pinterest, the network that could very well prove to hold significant value for advertisers in 2016. [More]

Twitter: If at first you don’t succeed…

Twitter underwent the most changes in 2015 as the struggling network attempted to prove their value to investors and keep up with Facebook, Pinterest and the mighty Instagram. They did everything from introduce a new tweet curation feature (“Moments”) and swapping out stars for hearts when letting users “favorite” a tweet. There were so many updates to Twitter this year, we dedicated an entire round-up to the network, focusing on Twitter’s strengths, weaknesses, and position in the cultural consciousness. If you’ve not had a moment to check out The Atlantic’s piece on the network, “The Decay of Twitter”, it’s a must read. [More]

Millennial Madness

If there is one news item that will definitely be carrying over into 2016, it’s millennials and how to effectively market to them. What you know and don’t know about their preferences and practices will have a major impact on your business. We put together a best practices white paper to help you reach the generation with over $200 Billion in annual buying power. [More]

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