MARCH 2019   
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We are A Purpose Driven Agency

We are passionate to partner with thought leaders that help people to do well. Recently we helped brands that enhance the environment through design, housewares products, and organic food products to drive engagement by partnering with social media influencers.
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In the last five years, our team helped brands in A&D, health and wellness, beauty, and technology to establish successful relationships with influencers. We compiled our extensive experience in the white paper to share with you.
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Alana Sandel on Responsible Food Marketing

Marketing professionals have an impact on consumers' quality of life by shaping either positive or negative eating habits. The market is oversaturated with products that are harmful to our health in more ways than one. Many of these products are flying off the shelves due to sticky advertising.
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Find a Way to Say Yes

"Opportunity is available to all of us, it's a question of what we do with it," Geoffrey Ling, Professor of Neurology & Attending Physician, John Hopkins University and CEO, Ling and Associates inspired an auditorium full of business and thought leaders at TWIN Global 2018 with his talk titled, Find a Way to Say Yes. Dr. Ling led the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) efforts in Biological Technologies. Since then, he has been taking transformative technologies to market.
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