MAY 2017   
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Most Important Information from Social Media Marketing World

Find out the top 5 AI platforms, the fastest growing sharing platform, the future of social media marketing, and how to use live video to engage your audience. We had the opportunity to live stream a cooking demonstration on behalf of one of our clients and the results, both on the plate and through analyrics were amazing. See how we partnered with food influencers and implemented other key takeaways from Social Media Marketing World on the
The Numbers in Hospitality

IDM is proud to work with
Naples Bay Resort and raise the profile of the most beautiful destination in Naples, Florida. In just six months, IDM has affected significant change by developing marketing communications with staggering results using best practices in the digital space.
Changing the World with KIN Global

KIN Global is an annual network event gathering over 300 movers and shakers from around the world to enact change on critical global challenges. IDM is partnered with KIN Global to catalyze meaningful change among attendees and past conference confines through social media. Follow the hashtag #KINglobal to join the KINversation.

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