MAY 2018   
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Creating Engagement Through Innovation

How do you market the most innovative products across multiple industries from Taiwan? Create a trial! IDM has been supporting TAITRA (the Taiwan External Trade Development Council) since 2015. We create exposure of Taiwanese products through festivals like Summerfest to tradeshows like CES to social media. Learn more about how we deliver a plethora of new Facebook followers, increase engagement, and obtain almost 1 million views on YouTube with a successful social media and influencer project.
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What Disrupts Marketers' Sleep?

On April 26th, IDM attended Brand Smart 2018, an all-day conference on branding and marketing. The theme? Brand Reinvention in the Age of Disruption. Speakers and panels discussed everything from building trust to overcoming implicit bias in AI to the benefits of brand transparency.
Here's what we learned.
Make Customers Infatuated With Your Brand

Our VP of Strategy, Larry Minsky, co-wrote
an in-depth exploration of olfactory (scent) branding and the ways it can create emotional connections between brands and their prospective customers for the Harvard Business Review. The article provides tips and best practices for the strategy. If you would like IDM to help incorporate scent branding for your product, contact us today. We would love to help you make your brand smell wonderful!

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