NOVEMBER 2018   
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Creating a Better Future - 2018 and Beyond

At IDM we believe that people have power to transform lives through invention and implementation of breakthrough ideas that seemed impossible yesterday. Imagine an event that brings together visionaries and change-makers who are are known to disrupt the industries they represent while deeply caring about the impact their efforts will have on generations to come. This is TWIN Global. #TWINglobal
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Are You Paying Attention to How Your Industry is Performing on Social Media?

In her most recent Forbes article, IDM Brand's Co-Founder and Chief Innovative officer, Alannah Sandehl, highlights the importance of paying attention to how your industry's content performs on social media and identifying the best niche for it. In a recent finding by Rival IQ, a data marketing firm, reports spanning over several social media platforms focused on engagement rates, trending hashtags, post types and post frequencies when calculating the median performance 150 companies from 10 predetermined industries.
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Executing Effective Influencer Marketing on YouTube

IDM worked on a YouTube influencer campaign for Taiwan Excellence to grow awareness in the US market. The campaign covered three business verticals: technology, home, and beauty and surpassed video view goals by 34% and counting.
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