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Lifeway Community Outreach Program

Cooking with Lifeway is a community outreach program where kids and parents are educated on the nutritional benefits of food while creating simple recipes. Kids get the chance to be creative with their food choices by choosing and pairing their favorite toppings with Lifeway products. Cooking with Lifeway has reached over 10,000 in Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia and New York!
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Innovation Can Come in the Form of Emotional Connection

In a recent Forbes article, IDM Brand's Co-Founder and Chief Innovative officer Alannah, discusses how creating an emotional connection with customers could be innovative when community outreach and technology are thoughtfully integrated.
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How Influencers Could Elevate Your Brand

By partnering with carefully selected influencers including interior designers, architects and, design lovers, companies in the building products space brands can reach new audiences, generate and reinforce brand awareness among existing audiences, and establish loyal and lasting brand advocates that will consistently engage with your brand's content.
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