Monthly Social Media Wrap-Up

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Recapping the biggest social media developments from February 2016.

Facebook Releases Reaction Emojis to All Users

By far the biggest social media news in February, Facebook diversified their “Likes” into a series of animated reaction emojis. Now users can “react” to posts rather than simply “like” them, while marketers can gather more information about their audience and the nuanced ways in which they respond to content.

Facebook Fights Click-Bait with New Algorithm

Anyone who uses social media on a daily basis (which is pretty much everyone) is familiar with the glut of irrelevant articles and advertisements that clutter up the newsfeed. Facebook is taking concrete steps to combat this by straight-up asking users about their experience with advertisements and posts and privileging this information over regular engagement measurements such as likes or shares. As TechCrunch puts it: The result should be a feed that’s easier on the eyes, not just more clickable. If a photo or status update is entertaining or intriguing, it won’t necessarily need your touch to show up to more people. Pages and news publishers sharing glance-worthy content might gain referral traffic and reach, while those who aim to trick you into clicking could endure a drop. Read the full story here.

New Audience Optimization Tools for Facebook

“Preferred Audience ensures members of your audience who are interested in these added topics will be more likely to see your post, while at the same time, post reach is not restricted by them, meaning you’re getting maximum reach value, but you’re able to target your posts more specifically to the members of your audience most likely to be interested in each specific post. via Social Media Today.

Twitter Makes It Easier to Follow Long Conversations

Following long conversations has always been a problem with Twitter, which formerly required you to click around to different accounts to find different snippets of conversation, causing you to lose your original place. Annoying! But now Twitter has made changes to their newsfeed that should make following conversations easier, even if some users are pre-emptively jumping on the hater train. Read the full story on Mashable.

Instagram Introduces Multiple Account Support

Great news for marketing managers helming several client Instagram accounts. Along with opening up advertising to all users, Instagram has now made it possible to manage several accounts without logging in and out of the account.

Instagram Reveals Video View Counts

Video is booming on Instagram with watch time up 40% in 6 months, so now it’s trying to lure the best video makers and marketers from competitors like Vine and YouTube. Over the next few weeks, Instagram will begin showing view counts on videos where the Like number used to be, though you can still click through to see the heart count. As on Facebook, 3 seconds counts as a view. Full story via TechCrunch.

SnapChat Introduces On Demand GeoFilters

Do you design events for your clients? The company is rolling out a new “on-demand” geofilter that allows people and businesses to pay for custom filters, which will temporarily appear within the app. Though Snapchat has offered sponsored geofilters for some time, on-demand filters will cover much smaller geographic areas and will cost significantly less, with prices ranging from $5 to several thousand dollars.

Is Twitter Unfixable?

For years, especially in the 2007 to 2011 era, Twitter did everything it could to get people to sign up. It invaded SXSW with plasma screens full of tweets. It pushed to get hashtags in TV commercials. and its founders went on talk shows like Oprah. But Twitter was pouring users into a bucket with a hole in it. Full story via TechCrunch.

Impact: We have read Twitter’s obituary so many times, it’s almost moot at this point. And yet we still believe there is a future for this mighty, wordy network. Even if it means becoming the “T” in Google’s Alphabet.

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