Pokémon Goes, Facebook Grows & Instagram Stories Shows

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You want to be the very best like no one ever was? We’ve traveled across the land, searching far and wide to find the latest social media news and understand the power that’s inside. Read-up on the latest happenings in this month’s social media roundup.

Pokémon Goes Wild
After many years, Pokémon has re-entered the zeitgeist with Pokémon GO, the wildly popular app and augmented reality game. If you’ve followed the news this month, you already heard the buzz; Some claim people spend more time playing Pokémon than they use Facebook and Snapchat.
The real question posed by Pokémon Go is, where will augmented reality take us next? The popularity has led Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to say AR will flourish on phones, not glasses or headsets. However, not everyone is so cheery: others point to the extreme privacy policy as evidence of a CIA conspiracy.

Facebook Continues to Roll
Q2 was kind to Facebook, as the stalwart social media giant continues to roll out new innovations in targeted advertisement (more on that later) and present impressive earnings. Facebook Messenger is now at 1 billion users, and the quarterly report shows steady gains in stock price, growth and particularly revenue. According to TechCrunch, Facebook reported $6.44 billion in revenue.

Tumblr Introduces New Ad Program
Tumblr announced a new advertising program, which will implement ads across all user blogs, unless users opt-out. The blog site is part of Verizon’s $4.8 billion acquisition of Yahoo!, though it remains unclear how Tumblr will be incorporated into the organization’s future strategy.

It’s Hockey Night in the Twitterverse
Sports broadcasting is expanding its horizons, and Twitter is officially in the game. Following previous deals with the NFL and Wimbledon, Twitter is now cooperating with both the MLB and NHL to live stream games on their platform. They will also premier their own sports highlights show, The Rally.

Facebook Offers New Ad Targeting Options
Zuck & Co. continue to tweak and innovate to provide cutting-edge targeting to advertisers. The company introduced App Event Optimization, Dynamic Ads and Canvas Ads to users, allowing new methods for optimizing ROI on social ad-buys.

Snapchat Adds “Suggest” Feature
While Snapchat has grown in popularity among brands and users alike, it has always been notoriously difficult to search the platform for new channels. However, Snapchat recently unveiled a new suggestion feature which allows users to suggest their favorite channels to their friends.

Social Media Is Harder to Resist than Cigarettes
According to a recent study at The University of Chicago, people find the urge to check their social media more difficult to overcome than the urge to drink or smoke. While it may not present the same immediate dangers as tobacco, we recommend putting your phone down every once and a while. Go outside, take a walk; just don’t check Pokémon Go for the nearest gym.

Instagram Debuts Snapchat- Inspired Stories Feature
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if that’s the case Snapchat should be working on a blushing filter right now. Instagram debuted Instagram Stories, a dead-ringer for Snapchat, which allows photos and videos to be added to a stream for 24 hours before they disappear.
Expect Instagram Stories to have a big impact. Brands are already flocking to the new feature, and the internet is buzzing about Taylor Swift’s cat, who stole our hearts via Instagram Stories in the artist’s first use of the service.

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