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IDM is dedicated to working with purpose driven clients who are committed to making the world around them a better place. We are thankful for these clients and excited to partner with them to propel positive change in people’s lives.

Two recent examples of these partnerships focused on homelessness – these include Lifeway Kefir’s outreach to Chicago HOPES for Kids organization and Caesarstone’s sponsorship of ReVive the Art of Giving fundraising event in Chicago. We recognize that many luxuries we take for granted in our daily lives are not available to our neighbors, and we seek to share healing and hope through partnering with organizations working towards long lasting change.

Chicago HOPES for Kids
Chicago HOPES for Kids supports children living in Chicago homeless shelters through educational programming. “Children who are experiencing homelessness can fall three to six months behind in school due to their unstable living environment.” – Chicago HOPES for Kids

Their current programs are offered in six Chicago shelters, four days a week. Our client Lifeway Kefir invited children from the Chicago HOPES for Kids program to take a field trip to one of their Chicago locations for a class about nutrition. Homelessness and food insecurity are strongly associated with few resources available to those who lack stable homes and finances. However, hunger and poor nutrition lead to a range of issues that disrupt learning.

Lifeway Kefir is high in protein, calcium, and vitamin D and it’s a good source of probiotics. Chicago HOPES for Kids reported that the field trip got their students “excited about healthy eating!”

There are many great ways to assist the work of Chicago HOPES for Kids. Find more information on how to support the organization this Giving Tuesday.

ReVive the Art of Giving
IDM was happy to partner with our client Caesarstone in their support of ReVive the Art of Giving event in Chicago. ReVive Center for Housing and Healing has served homeless in Chicago for over 100 years. They are committed to finding solutions and provide expert resources, addiction treatment programs and a home for those experiencing homelessness in Chicago.

ReVive the Art of Giving is an annual fundraising event for this organization sponsored by a number of well-known materials and fabrication companies. The event brings design and real estate development industry professionals together for a night of inspiring speakers, live music, and a silent auction to raise money for the Center.

Facts about ReVive

  • ReVive Center gives over 1,700 brown bag meals every year to homeless individuals who come to the center and need food.
  • For over 80 years, ReVive Center has matched impoverished families with individual donors and provides over 1,700 Christmas baskets for 6,095 families who would likely have no Christmas without the work of ReVive Center.
  • ReVive Center houses 124 individuals and families. Family residents are able to keep their children with them and keep their families in tact.
  • For 104 years ReVive has been taking care of the homeless in Chicago.
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