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Collaboration Proposal

TAIWAN EXCELLENCEIDM Brand represents the Taiwan Excellence Awards with brand marketing and social media services. In order to encourage manufacturers in Taiwan to improve the quality, design and image of their products so as to boost their competitiveness in the international market, the Ministry of Economic Affairs established the Taiwan Excellence logo in 1992 and launched the selection of Taiwan Excellence products starting from 1993.

Products that have been chosen in the selection process would not only receive the recognition as a Taiwan Excellence Product but also join the ranks of other outstanding Taiwanese products in various promotional events to cultivate the international market.

The Highest Recognition for Taiwanese Products

“Each year, hundreds of industry professional and experts come together and evaluate Taiwanese products based on R&D, Design, Quality and Marketing. When you see the Taiwan Excellence mark, you are witnessing Taiwan’s effort to produce the highest quality innovations for you and the world.”

Taiwan Excellence Mission

Taiwan Excellence’s mission is to introduce Taiwan’s innovative products to consumers worldwide and to raise awareness for how these innovative products are having a positive impact on daily lives.

Social Media Stats


2.8+ Million Likes


1,100+ Followers


1,600+ Followers

Influencer Highlights

Russian Badger highlighted the Taiwanese company ASUS and their ROG G752V5 Gaming Laptop.

KOSDFF shared MSI’s GT83VR Titan SLI-212 Gaming Laptop.

Erik Conover featured Pacific Cycles and their BIRDY Standard 9 Speed Folding Bike.

Sam andNia used Tatung’s Fusion Cooker to create a simple and easy dinner for their family.

Community Outreach

Taiwan Excellence gave kids at the Discovery World museum an exclusive look at Taiwan’s new technology.

Taiwan Excellence celebrated innovation by holding a robotics workshop at the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in Milwaukee.

Summerfest 2018

Taiwan Excellence co-sponsored Summerfest 2018, where they spent time getting to know the Milwaukee community and shared top Taiwanese products.

Milwaukee locals shared their favorite thing about their city in a community mural built by Taiwan Excellence at Summerfest.

Why Partner with Taiwan Excellence?

Education and learning are at the center of everything we do. It is extremely beneficial to listen to companies and consumers across the globe to find out how we can not just improve our products, but also improve our relationships with people who can help us with our mission of innovation.

We complement and amplify efforts being made by Taiwanese companies to showcase their products, but we represent more than that. We also complement companies seeking to gain education and access to the Taiwanese market.

Innovation Education + Learning Community outreach

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