Weekly Social Media Round-Up

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Our social media round-ups take the most intriguing of new developments, both technological and cultural, and attempt to discern the patterns that will define digital trends and influence digital marketing strategies in the months to come.

Facebook Emoji Reactions Are Almost Here

At last, Facebook is expanding the definition of a “Like” by offering 6 animated emoji reactions in addition to the longstanding “thumbs up.” Read the full story via MTV.

Impact: While the ostensible reason for a wider range of emotional reactions is to give users a more nuanced way to respond to shared content, it’s hard to ignore that by offering more ways to users to interact with content Facebook is gathering even more nuanced data. This will augment the company’s already-robust advetising targeting with even deeper audience insights. Can’t wait, honestly.

Twitter Launches Enhanced Video Player and Auto-Looping Gifs

“We’ve upgraded our video player and previews to match the familiar interface of Twitter’s native apps. Your users can now see the duration of a video on the preview image before initiating a playback, which reduces the barrier for them to watch and helps you further engage your users. On top of that, GIFs now receive special treatment with a unique badge (showing “GIF”) and auto-looping playback to maximize your users’ viewing pleasure.” via Twitter Blog.

Impact: Does anyone remember when Twitter was only text? The struggling social network is adding media features at a break-neck pace. While some may mourn the end of the 140-character update, on the upside, more media capability makes Twitter a lot more fun and offers creative marketers new avenues to diversify their content.

YouTube Transforms Views into Donations

“We recently began rolling out donation cards to US creators, which let your subscribers and viewers donate directly from your videos. Just add a donation card, pick a nonprofit, and start doing good. You can choose any United States, IRS-validated 501(c)3 public nonprofit organization and they receive 100% of the money donated. We’re excited to take this first step and look forward to expanding into other countries so creators across the world can power nonprofits they care about.” via YouTube Blog.

Impact: Good guy YouTube! We love how this feature literally transforms viewing into an act of charity. We can’t wait to see what innovative non-profits do with this feature.

GoPro Integrates with Periscope

“Action camera maker GoPro is integrating with Periscope, the livestreaming app from Twitter. Owners of the GoPro HERO4 cameras will be able to broadcast their adventures directly to Periscope. As soon as the GoPro is paired to an iPhone, it will recognize the Periscope app and let users record and share their surroundings with a live audience. (The GoPro will still be able to record the videos for later viewings).” via TechCrunch.

Impact: We predict that live-streaming will continue to embed itself within existing social media platforms throughout 2016. Case in point: Facebook has just given all US iPhone users live streaming capabilities.

New Audience Optimization Tools for Facebook

“Preferred Audience ensures members of your audience who are interested in these added topics will be more likely to see your post, while at the same time, post reach is not restricted by them, meaning you’re getting maximum reach value, but you’re able to target your posts more specifically to the members of your audience most likely to be interested in each specific post. – See more at:” via Social Media Today.

Impact: Do you need to ask?

7 Great Agency Creative Pinterest Accounts

Pinterest is a fantastic place to collect ideas and do research, the perfect balance between data and creativity as evidenced in these 7 beautifully curated accounts. DigiDay.

Impact: Reading the reasons agency creatives use Pinterest on personal time demonstrates that the small yet mighty social network is playing a strong role in the agency world—even if it’s not on the marketing side (yet.)

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