Weekly Social Media Round-Up

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Our social media round-ups take the most intriguing of new developments, both technological and cultural, and attempt to discern the patterns that will define digital trends and influence digital marketing strategies in the months to come.

Instagram Reveals Video View Counts

Video is booming on Instagram with watch time up 40% in 6 months, so now it’s trying to lure the best video makers and marketers from competitors like Vine and YouTube. Over the next few weeks, Instagram will begin showing view counts on videos where the Like number used to be, though you can still click through to see the heart count. As on Facebook, 3 seconds counts as a view. Full story via TechCrunch.

Impact: As the fastest growing and overall most well-liked social network, Instagram offers an incredible user base to advertisers. Combine this with Facebook’s targeting functionality and you have possibly the strongest advertising platform in existence.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Coming to Google This Month

Google’s push will surely change the media landscape for both consumers and anyone with a stake in digital advertising. The Accelerated Mobile Pages effort, better known as AMP, is a direct response to similar but proprietary platforms like Facebook’s Instant Articles and Apple’s News. Unlike them, however, AMP is open source, meaning anyone can use it. And it works for the web, where Google wants consumers to stay, instead of rivals’ apps. Full story via AdAge.

Impact: If your client’s websites aren’t optimized for mobile, expect a big downturn in traffic.

“World of Karl” Takes Tumblr Approach to Karl Lagerfeld’s Brand

In launching, the Karl Lagerfeld brand’s e-commerce site, the company has taken a hard and fast approach. Rather than worry about commodifying the high-end fashion it’s selling with an overtly social experience,’s immersive “World of Karl” experience aims to bring the customer into the Karl Lagerfeld brand through video clips, tweets, and photos in the form of a Tumblr-like feed. Full story via DigiDay.

Impact: Capturing the attention of the millennial audience is tricky. Lagerfeld’s model of trying to capture only a fragment of their attention at a time might prove more fruitful in the long run than traditional branding models.

Social Media is Killing Traditional Retailers

…the problem might be signaling something even more troublesome than dowdy apparel. Instead, it is a total shift in how teen consumers think. Young people want to purchase experiences rather than actual stuff, and when they do buy clothing or shoes they want to be able to showcase purchases on social media…The only apparel young people want is clothing that can translate into an experience on Instagram or Snapchat. Full story via Business Insider.

Impact: How brick and mortar retailers are responding to this paradigm shift will be instructive as to how companies can effectively brand and deliver their products to consumers in the future.

Is Twitter Unfixable?

For years, especially in the 2007 to 2011 era, Twitter did everything it could to get people to sign up. It invaded SXSW with plasma screens full of tweets. It pushed to get hashtags in TV commercials. and its founders went on talk shows like Oprah. But Twitter was pouring users into a bucket with a hole in it. Full story via TechCrunch.

Impact: We have read Twitter’s obituary so many times, it’s almost moot at this point. And yet we still believe there is a future for this mighty, wordy network. Even if it means becoming the “T” in Google’s Alphabet.

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