Weekly Social Media Round-Up

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Our weekly round-up of the new developments and innovations in social media and technology.

Google Introduces App Streaming

Google is slowly introducing a service that will allow mobile users to “try out” app features without having to download them.

Google can now “stream” the contents of certain apps to its mobile web users even if those users haven’t downloaded the apps. In the search world, where the goal is to shrink the distance between consumers and their desires, that’s big news for marketers. It’s also, not coincidentally, another way for Google to answer consumers’ turn toward apps and away from the open web that it dominates. [via AdvertisingAge]

Impact: Once the serve is up and running, it will allow marketers to better follow the customer from research to point of purchase.

Google Android Wins Most-Watched Ad of 2015

Using a series of animal clips set to a nostalgic tune, Google captured an insane amount of views for their Android commercial.

Actually, Google’s “Friends Furever” ad is not just one of the most watched ads of the year. It’s one of the most-watched ads of all time, taking the lead ahead of Activia’s World Cup “La La La” ad (6 million shares). On YouTube alone it has been watched over 20 million times. [via Social Media Today]

Impact: You really can’t go wrong with cute animals even when they have only a tenuous connection with your product offering.

SnapChat Ad Campaigns Now Start at $100K, Down from $700K

Although still prohibitively pricey for anyone except the largest brands, SnapChat continues to evolve in ways that are promising for marketers.

There’s every reason to believe that as Snapchat continues trying to demonstrate its money-making capabilities to investors, the cost of advertising on the platform will continue falling. Snapchat will also likely offer ad products that fit the various specific marketing objectives of more types and sizes of brands. [via Venture Beat]

Impact: Although still prohibitively pricey for anyone except the largest brands, SnapChat continues to evolve in ways that are promising for marketers.

Y Combinator Launches the Macro

A new publication focused on news, stories, opinions and other essays for start-ups and smaller businesses.

The Macro is not focused on breaking news. There is already a robust network of publications that are covering the day-to-day changes in the technology industry. Our aim is take a wider-range view, while sharing information that is useful, thoughtful, and interesting. [via Y Combinator]

Impact: A new resource with a thoughtful and experienced purview is a valuable addition to conversations going on about marketing and technology online.

Other Reading

2016 Means the Death of Millennial Marketing and Other Trends

Hot Wire PR has released the results of their study forecasting marketing trends for 2016. They include a de-emphasis on millennials as a group, the rise of more hyper-local content and targeting, and more video content being created.

The agency’s seventh annual “Communications Trends Report,” which was based on crowdsourced data from 400 communicators across 22 countries, revealed that brands will look to engage consumers with age-agnostic content that emphasizes certain values.. [via Advertising Age]

LivingSocial Offers a Cautionary Tale

What happens when your core product becomes yesterday’s news.

The technology industry’s boom over the last few years has been defined by the rise of “unicorns,” the private companies that investors have valued at $1 billion or more. Before the term came into vogue, LivingSocial was among the biggest unicorns of its day. It now offers a glimpse of what some of today’s unicorns might look like several years down the road if things go awry. [via the New York times]

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