Thought Leadership

Continuing Education Courses

The development of industry accredited continuing education courses (CEUs) positioned Lamin-Art as a thought leader in architecture and design and reinforced their commitment to education and support of the A&D community.


DM researched and uncovered inspirational and forward-thinking topics to inspire informative CEUs, and ensured each topic fulfilled the requirements for IDCEC, AIA, and when appropriate, USGBC. IDM submitted these courses for accreditation. IDM designed and developed all course content and visuals along with a script for presenters. IDM
prepared and implemented a marketing strategy to promote the new course, managed attendance reporting and issued certificates.


IDM generated an average of one to two courses per year for Lamin-Art. IDM identified up-and-coming topics before they were “trendy”, such as biophilic design and exploration of the future of design and innovation.

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