CAESARSTONE: Social Media & Inbound Marketing


Caesarstone is bigger than just a brand. Much like Band-Aid is to bandages and Kleenex is to tissue, Caesarstone is to quartz surfacing—a synonym within the A+D industry. Not bad for a company that’s only been operating in the United States for 5 short years. But Caesarstone’s true worth is more than just numbers. As a company founded on an Israeli kibbutz, Caesarstone has always demonstrated principles of community and togetherness—the perfect foundation for building an online social media community.


Take a brand with an already-established social presence of 32,000 followers and blow it up in just one year, while increasing engagement.


Through a combination of creative strategy and analytical know-how, we evaluated what the audience was craving and delivered the right messages at the right times. With event promotions, contests, interactive games, real-time interaction, blogs, influencer outreach, advocacy campaigns and all-around engaging content, we managed to make Caesarstone US the most talked about quartz surfacing company on social media today.


In just one year we grew Caesarstone US’s
total followers by 854%.

Twitter grew by over 910%,
Facebook by 915% and
Google+ and YouTube over 1000%, turning
a 32k audience into a 310K+ audience.

Not only did we get more people following Caesarstone, but we managed to capture audiences who are actually interested in the content and increased engagement by more than 5x.

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