Driving sales for new products

Caesarstone is the original quartz surface manufacturer. IDM assisted Caesarstone in launching the 2018 new colors, which included a new collection, the Metropolitan Collection and seven new product introductions, Excava, Topus Concrete, Airy Concrete, Flannel Grey, Cloudburst Concrete, Frozen Terra, and Intense White.

Influencer marketing

IDM selected and partnered Caesarstone with leading influencers in the A&D industry to promote the 2018 new colors. These partnerships provided Caesarstone with original content including high-resolution imagery, blog articles, and testimonials to further expand their library of 2018 color assets.

By leveraging the reach and popularity of these influencers, IDM boosted awareness of Caesarstone’s new products to an expansive, yet targeted audience while reinforcing Caesarstone as a leader in the quartz surfacing space.

Landing pages

IDM worked with Caesarstone to develop Paid Search and SEO optimized landing pages to promote the new color launch. Landing pages were optimized for mobile devices and include added features for enhanced user interaction. Since the launch, the landing pages have received more than 180,000 page views.

Digital deliverables

IDM worked with Caesarstone in the creation of various digital deliverables to support the launch of the 2018 new colors. Deliverables included digital advertisements, brochures, informational presentations, email blasts, website banner images, and more.

Social media strategy

Applying competitive analysis, data analysis and creative strategy, IDM created and executed a social media strategy to announce the 2018 new colors. The goal was to generate excitement in the market, ultimately driving dealers and customers to specify Caesarstone products. Content included original and user generated imagery and video, blog articles, shared links to drive landing page traffic, and educational information to raise new color awareness.


IDM crafted strategic messaging that was inspiring, educational and compelling with clear call-to-actions encouraging users to engage with the brand as an active step towards the path to purchase. By tailoring messages to each specific social channel, we were able to maximize effectiveness and in the process, gain insights into our audience and their expectations.

Specifically, we generated results with Instagram Stories. By using this medium to publicly introduce the new colors for the first time, we were able to directly connect and engage with Caesarstone’s audience in a playful way that reinforced Caesarstone’s online brand identity and hyperlink to the new color landing pages, driving website traffic.

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