DESKMAKERS: Brand Development & Activation


DeskMakers is a leading manufacturer of modern, customizable and affordable laminate casegoods, tables and desking located in the East Los Angeles area. Though DeskMakers was well established regionally, their national presence was weak. The company turned to IDM to develop strong and creative brand positioning that would differentiate DeskMakers from competitors and stand out in a crowded industry.


The market for laminate desking is highly competitive. Our challenge was to create strong brand positioning that would both establish and distinguish DeskMakers in the national market. Once strong brand positioning was attained, we had to translate the messaging into compelling marketing, PR, web development, and the creation of a comprehensive and ongoing social media strategy.


We started with competitive researching, conducting interviews with current and potential customers, industry influencers and A+D experts to develop strategic and differentiated positioning for DeskMakers. Armed with the information we gathered, we created all the brand’s foundational elements including the tagline: Be Enabled.

Using these foundational elements, we refreshed the DeskMakers website, designed print materials, provided PR support developed social media strategy.

Brand activation occurred at NeoCon 2015. Inspired by the famous art heist scene in The Thomas Crown Affair, IDM hired 22 brand ambassadors to don branded bowler hats, ties and briefcases. Along with hanging out promotional items and fliers to event attendees, the unusual costuming drew onlookers to the DeskMakers booth where they were encouraged to enter a social media photo contest with event hashtags #BeEnabled and #NeoCon15.


IDM successfully introduced DeskMakers to the national market and established the brand as a creative, forward-thinking company in a competitive market. We increased their website traffic by 80% and their Facebook followers and engagement by 3000%, growing the count from double to quadruple digits in only 9 months time.

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