Harmonic - Marketing Agency Client

HARMONIC: Award Winning Advertising

Harmonic Environments created the concept of high-quality, customized indoor waterfalls for commercial and residential use. Despite being pioneers in their industry, Harmonic Environments’ brand positioning began to diminish as their product line increased and the market expanded. The company turned to IDM (formerly I Imagine Studio) to improve their marketing materials and re-establish their presence in the industry they created.


To re-establish Harmonic Environments as the originators and manufacturers of the most innovative indoor waterfalls on the market, as well as enhance their overall presence in a niche industry.

Harmonic - Marketing Agency Client
Harmonic - Marketing Agency Client


After conducting thorough industry research, IDM created award winning advertising that utilized bold and sophisticated imagery in-line with Harmonic Environments’ branding. This included a brochure, product design concepts, presentations, videos, a case study, newsletter, and print advertisements that epitomized the essence of Harmonic Environments.

Impressed by the success of our first collaboration, Harmonic Environments then asked IDM to launch a new website that would be a visually striking representation of the company’s personality. IDM created a dynamic website with a 100-image portfolio of inspiring imagery that told the company’s unique story and establishing their innovator status in the a niche industry.


Harmonic Environments’ brand was refreshed, rejuvenated and restored to its rightful position in their industry. The print advertisements created by IDM were awarded the Architectural Record’s Excellence in Advertising Award and the new website was recognized at the Interactive Media Award and Summit Awards.

Harmonic - Marketing Agency Client
Harmonic - Marketing Agency Client
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