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Midtown: Digital Branding Campaign

Midtown Athletic Club is a leader in upscale athletic club and sports resort management, currently operating ten clubs throughout the United States and Canada. Midtown is recognized for offering first-rate amenities and fostering close-knit member community. However, while Midtown was skilled in the delivery of a superior fitness experience, it lacked a clearly defined brand strategy and strong online presence. IDM was hired to completely transform Midtown’s communications roadmap.


This project presented two unique challenges, the first being the development of a compelling brand strategy that would be powerful yet malleable enough to translate to the digital space. Secondly, the re-designed Midtown website had to enforce the new brand strategy and improve the club’s ability to generate quality leads online. A duplicate site in French also needed to be developed for French-speaking visitors and Canadian members.

Midtown - Marketing Agency Cleint
Midtown - Marketing Agency Cleint


IDM took several distinct steps to assist Midtown achieve their goals, first creating a cohesive brand strategy before implementing it in the design of a new website.

To identify Midtown’s key strengths and points of difference, IDM conducted a workshop with the club’s upper-level management and focus groups with club members. This process allowed us to gain insight into what the members value about their experience at Midtown. We solidified this feedback into a unified, centralized strategy for all clubs under the tagline: Healthy Connections.

IDM developed a new brand experience for Midtown Athletic Club around the concept “Seize the Moment”, a theme created in response to feedback gathered during the branding process.  Individual club pages were created with programs, services, content and imagery specific to each location, along with a social media section. The site reiterated the theme of the community experience with testimonials, member stories, and new images and stories of staff and members captured by IDM during a photo shoot at Midtown Montreal.


Our collaboration was a two-fold success.

The new website design enabled Midtown to improve their marketing and ensured a significant increase in website views, including a 61% decrease in bounce rate and a 21% increase in average time spent on the site. A Pay-Per-Click campaign was similarly enhanced, netting a 148% improvement in number of leads generated with an 82% decrease in cost per lead.

Management gained invaluable insight into their primary strengths and weaknesses, and future areas of opportunity. This helped the brand establish a unified theme and a cohesive marketing plan for all 10 existing Midtown locations.

Midtown - Marketing Agency Cleint
Midtown - Marketing Agency Cleint
Seize the Moment

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