Brand Persona

Saganom is a lifestyle brand startup that sells artisanal Swiss chocolate. IDM assisted Saganom in solidifying the Saganom brand persona, which is geared towards highend, luxury living. A critical objective when creating the brand was to establish that it was not only a chocolate company. IDM executed this vision by creating a distinctive brand style, which is reflected in the website, photography and social media channels.

Brand Style Guide

IDM created a style guide to provide direction for how Saganom should be presented from a graphic and visual perspective. Creating the style guide ensured brand consistency across all materials and digital outlets, such as the website, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. It included color palette, typography and textures.


IDM executed a photoshoot based upon the brand style guide as well as a photography style guide. The photography style guide outlined the textures, colors and photography techniques that should be used. Close-ups and beauty shots were used to highlight the chocolate while neutral tones and textures were used to embrace the refined, modern aesthetic of the brand.

Additionally, a prop list guide was created. The guide identifies the specific types of props that should be used for all seasonal photography as well as general prop items to use year round. This guide can be used as a reference by the client when conducting all future photoshoots to ensure brand consistency.

Website Design

IDM designed the Saganom website to not only convey the essence of the brand but engage users to learn more about the history of Saganom. Abundant imagery and minimal text were used on the homepage to saturate the website with eye-catching intrigue and draw the viewer in. A blog section titled “Journeys” was created to accentuate the company’s objective to share stories and make memories.

The website section dedicated to selling the chocolate focused on the history of the chocolate, thus giving the website a more genuine and personal energy. A streamlined design and cosmopolitan color palette in line with the branding enticed viewers and encouraged website engagement.

Email Marketing Campaign

In order to drive sales, IDM created an email marketing campaign targeted at wealth management companies during the holiday season. A clean, sophisticated template was designed and concise wording created to produce maximum intrigue.

Social Media Strategy

Sharing experiences and creating memories with family and friends is at the core of Saganom’s brand messaging. For this reason, IDM created four general categories in addition to Saganom branded imagery to be integrated into Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. The categories included quotes, lifestyle, travel and home decor. Following a pattern of categories for Instagram and Facebook, with chocolate being every other post, ensured overall consistency.

Using this strategy widened the social reach of Saganom’s account and helped it to grow rapidly while promoting high levels of engagement. Images from other social media influencers were reposted for the categorical imagery on Facebook and Instagram in order to create a sense of community between Saganom and its followers. Messaging was strategically tailored for each social channel and consistently featured clear call-toactions which prompted viewers to engage with the brand and drive traffic to the website.

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